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The tri-flow taps are our newest addition and you'll love why... Modern, sleek, minimalistic, and they come in a range of colours. A chrome or satin tri-flow tap will enable the options to run hot, cold and pure water through the same tap. This innovative design allows for only one tap to be configured at your sink, introducing a modern and attractive addition to your kitchen setup.


Our two finishes, including gorgeous chrome and finished satin, include plastic interior lining so the harsh metals don't bite into your purified water. Freshly Squeezed emphasizes that in order to reap the benefits of our purification systems, you must not put your purified water into a regular bottle. 


The two variations of our currently available faucets are:

  1. The APL Stratus range (chrome, satin)
  2. The APL Sirrus Range (chrome, satin)


Stay tuned for an awesome product that will solve this problem for you.


Specifications of our two tri-flow taps include: 

  • Fixed Sanitip; No more cracked plastic ends!
  • Modern Styling to suit the majority of modern sinks/kitchens.
  • A handy 7” spout which is not too long and not too short. This 7" spout will still reach the sink from the worktop, but it's not overly long so that it’s in the way. The tap will be high enough for kettles and carafes but not too high that it overpowers existing taps.
  • Retained Spout - Retained by threaded cap and circlip, not just screwed into the body.
  • Long lever - Easy for the elderly, children or arthritis sufferers.
  • Plastic Internals, combined with alloy body and brass stud and spout helps reduce cost and lower lead content within the purified water.
  • CERAMIC DISC VALVE - For easy, smooth operation and greater reliability. Can also be easily cleaned or replaced.
  • 3” or 4” Stud With the popular push it tail. Simply use large or small lower body to adjust length...


Other info...

  1. Intermediate Size - this unit fits right in the middle amongst our current available range of faucets.
  2. ULTRA modern with high gloss chrome styled finish.
  3. The Cirrus boasts a contemporary style with a beautiful brushed nickel finish for style. Perfect in old or new style kitchens.
  4. The stratus is manufactured for a more authentic, cottage-feel kitchen and due to its beautifully flowing shape, is best matched in a modern version of an old-style kitchen. This faucet style goes well in both old and new style kitchens.

The Stratus


This product comes with a 5-year warranty.

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