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Pay an upfront & continue monthly

  • Best Value

    FSWS RO1 Filter

    Every month
    The first stage in our modular Reverse Osmosis system
    • Clean drinking water to your tap
    • Ultra high-level purification
    • Fully installed by our expert engineers
    • Passes through 5-stages of filtration
    • Removes many toxic contaminants
    • Sleek and compact, fits in a cupboard
  • FSWS Ioniser

    Every month
    A High Quality Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
    • 3 in 1 system
    • Third and final stage in our modular system
    • Alkalised to raise the pH
    • Naturally ionised
    • Housed in a compact case
    • Fits neatly under your sink
  • FSWS Alkaliser

    Every month
    The second stage in our modular System
    • 5 Stages of Filtration
    • Purified water is re-alkalised
    • Improved flavour due to body-level pH

Upfront costs

Freshly Squeezed must take your upfront payment before you subscribe to our monthly rental services. Any questions? Call us!

RO1 - £149.99
RO2 - £149.99
RO3 - £199.99

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