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When you take a hot shower, any chlorine in the shower water vaporises and is easily inhaled in a steamy shower area. Hot showers also open the pores of the skin allowing various contaminants in addition to chlorine to enter the body. The FSW shower filter reduces chlorine & heavy metals, leaving you with a clean, refreshing shower every time.

Features and Benefits

  • Carbon GAC +KDF filter media. KDF reduces 10x more chlorine than normal carbon filters. KDF also releases a powerful anti- bacterial which prevents bacterial build-up in the showerhead and reduces heavy metals/contaminants.
  • Calcium Sulphate helps to regulate the pH of the water- skin and hair may feel smoother
  • Replaceable cartridge. Cost effective and better for the environment
  • Easy Fit. No specialist skills required. It just screws into your existing shower, between the showerhead and the flex. Supplied with adaptors.
  • 12 month cartridge life - dependent on usage.

Purifying Shower Filter

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