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Thrive in the Gym with Purer, Healthier Water

Fitness freaks listen up - RO Water is a game changer for the gym, for running, and not to mention your skin and hair. As well as the many superficial benefits we can reap from RO water, we can also see the physical health benefits of drinking this purified version of tap water. At Freshly Squeezed, we can share these amazing benefits by fitting our units in your home. By making a simple appointment with our engineer, you can have a unit in your home quickly - and it won't break the bank.

Rehydration with Reverse Osmosis

Hydration is the most important thing to factor in when you exercise. Within your workout, without a doubt, you will be back and forth to the water bottle. This is because when we work out, we get dehydrated. During sports performance tests, drinking water is mandatory to ensure all players meet a control variable. Drinking water is a mandatory part of life in all areas - plants need it to survive, we need it so our organs can function properly.

Sometimes, during the process in which water flows through your pipes, your water will become contaminated with various chemicals that cause buildup and compromise the state of your health. Many people can go a lifetime drinking this water, but the problem is - we don't stop to realise how much better life could be if we simply purified our water to a higher degree.

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, psoriasis, eczema, and hair conditions can benefit greatly from RO water - by purifying your water to eliminate harmful free radicals, excess calcium and magnesium, and more... Free radicals are harmful loose electrons that bond with other loose electrons in your body's cells. This can cause premature ageing of these cells, worsening your health over time, and this is something we can all prevent by ensuring our drinking water is properly potable.

Explore our range of units, all at an incredibly low price.

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We post there to educate and inspire - our goal is to make you all drink more water.

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