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Fresh water for your office staff - Reverse Osmosis with Freshly Squeezed Water Systems

Working in an office can have negative health repercussions - from lack of physical fitness to lack of sunlight, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve and maintain our health whilst also staying at our desks. We are here to show you that you can stay hydrated and healthy at work - and you don't have to spend tons of money on plastic refill bottles for your water dispenser.

Connect a Reverse Osmosis water system to your mains water, and have infinite, pure water for your staff to enjoy. Boosting hydration, performance, and absorption of other nutrients and vitamins such as supplements, RO water is an excellent way to maintain health through the simple medium of water consumption.

The negative effects of plastic when storing water

Plastic is cheap and easy to manufacture, but we must consider the downsides to plastic as a means of storing your water. Whether it is a large refill bottle for your water dispenser at the office or a plastic bottle that you refill from the tap, something called free radicals might be compromising your health.

Free radicals are proven to speed up the process of cell ageing and prevent the proper absorption of nutrients and minerals within the body.

Free radicals are loose electrons that bind with anything and everything, including your water molecules. This means the water you drink will be less likely to be absorbed properly into your body, reducing the effectiveness of your soft RO water.

How can we fix this?

By purchasing and installing a RO system in your home or workplace, you can mitigate the issue of free radicals entering your body. This will allow supplements and food to be properly broken down, digested, and used up by the body.

Another way to fix this is to buy a water bottle that is made of a free-radical-free plastic OR aluminium or non-reactive metal bottle. Hydro flasks are an excellent option because they prevent the water from losing its cool...


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