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Keep your unit tip-top with a bi-annual service

Annual services are necessary for any water filtration unit, but what about bu-annually servicing your unit to keep it in tip-top condition?

If your water has a metallic taste, or you don't feel as healthy as you should be, or if you get limescale buildup in your kettle/shower head, then you should invest in a Freshly Squeezed Water System.

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Why service your unit?

You have to service your unit at the most every year. This is to prevent the buildup of many toxins and contaminants in water, such as calcium, magnesium, limescale, and metals.

What happens if I don't?

Toxin buildup can cause your machine to stop working properly by clogging the pipes and valves. Stiff valves covered in limescale can also become difficult to replace and fix when it comes to your service.

Replacing the filter in your unit it also vital as you need a clean apparatus if you want your water to be truly clean. You cannot sweep a floor with a dirty broom, so why do it with your drinking water?

Can I wait a year?

Yes, you can wait a year. If your budget permits, FSWS always recommends servicing when you notice any slight changes in the performance of your unit.

Why every six months, why not wait longer?

The six-month point is when you might notice your unit's performance slow down - but you will still be able to get fresh and clean water. Most people prefer to service sooner rather than later, to mitigate the risk of breaking or needing to entirely replace your system.

What if my unit breaks?

Depending on how your unit is broken, we can either fix it or replace it entirely. Don't worry - we'll solve the problem.

Don't have a water unit? Give us a ring or buy one with FREE delivery & installation.

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