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Absorb supplements faster with RO water

If you're a gym goer, a runner, or somebody generally interested in fitness, you might want to listen up. Reverse osmosis is a great way to make your supplements far more useful. If you choose to take supplements such as vitamin D to support your body's immune system, or vitamins such as vitamin c or gym supplements, you can increase the effects by taking them with RO water.

In an easy-to-install and affordable under-the-sink system, your life will be made so much easier - and healthier. With an extra, smaller, tap fitted - you can fill up your gym bottle on your way out. Don't forget those supplements, too!

Our sink systems can be installed both as an extra drinking tap or three-in-one. Depending on which kitchen you have, you can decide on the tap to suit.

The tri-flow taps are our newest addition and you'll love why... Modern, sleek, minimalistic, and they come in a range of colours. A chrome or satin tri-flow tap will enable the options to run hot, cold and pure water through the same tap. This innovative design allows for only one tap to be configured at your sink, introducing a modern and attractive addition to your kitchen setup.


Our two finishes, including gorgeous chrome and finished satin, include plastic interior lining so the harsh metals don't bite into your purified water. Freshly Squeezed emphasises that in order to reap the benefits of our purification systems, you must not put your purified water into a regular bottle.

The two variations of our currently available faucets are:

The APL Stratus range (chrome, satin)

The APL Sirrus Range (chrome, satin)


Every product comes with a 5-year guarantee. Find out more today.

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